From hand-drawn wireframes to final design. From data-driven web application to cute children's app.

Director of UX Design. Lead Designer for UI and Visual Design. Team Leader. Design System Architect.




Leading overall creative user experience design Process starting with content strategy. Establishing global design principles, standards, and best-practices for creating best-in-class interactive, mobile and web experiences for all users.


Based on UX design strategy, I design unique and creative user interface for digital interactive products. It's all code-base design that can be easily integrated in actual code. Every design work is based on a comprehensive design style guide for designers and dev team.



Interactive games and apps for users in all different age groups. I come up with overall game logic and work on UX/UI design and final execution.

Most useful and easiest Learning Management System
for Teachers, Students and Administrator


Ed: Your Friend in Learning is a new online learning system that combines the best of technology, HMH® content, and instruction to personalize the teaching and learning experience for every teacher and student. The system, with its intuitive pathways, is designed to be a friend to learners while supporting teachers by simplifying their instructional practice.

Ed’s UX makes it easy for teachers to search for specific content, by topic or by standards. Teachers can quickly create assignments and easily survey student performance on assessments at the class and individual student levels. Ed’s humanistic approach to the user experience makes it engaging and easy to use for students.

See Ed intro in HMH site

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Teacher Dashboard

Data and Report


Classes Overview


Content Discover

Most effective reading program for struggling learners.


UX design for an educational program is not just about pouring content into the digital space. It is about creating the most effective learning experience by taking full advantage of technology. Learning a new or difficult subject is hard enough, especially for struggling readers. UX design should make that task as easy as possible. Instructional purposes and content can be often complicated. It is the UX designer’s main role to make it simple and digestible for end users. Design should support users to focus on given content and task.

See Read180 Universal Style guide



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Fluency Zone

The Best Kids App for Educational Fun


My own kid's App Happy Valley Friends has been featured in iOS app store by Apple and it is becoming more popular everyday in education technology world. Happy Valley Friends offers a fun learning experience for kids ages 4+ who are constantly looking for new educational games to play with. This cute app has 7 unique activities with increasing difficulty levels and 6 additional mini games.

See Happy Valley Friends in iTune store



Optimal Mobile Learning Experience for 44 Sounds of English


Scholastic's new foundational reading program SYSTEM 44 mobile version. Whole application has been redesigned for optimal tablet experience. I lead overall design process creating UX, UI and Visual Design.


SYS44_Spelling_Checkup_Spelling Checkup 2 Keyboard - org.png website design

Website renewal for Totally responsive design solution for various platform. is the leader in free educational kids interactive games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web. All children's educational activities were created or approved by certified school teachers. All educational games are free and are modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an interactive way for children to learn.


Sushi Monster is a simple and fun math game app for kids. Released on iOS devices. It has been downloaded over 3 million already. I created it from the scratch to the end. Original game concept, UX, visual design and art.


Meet Sushi Monster! Scholastic’s new game to practice, reinforce, and extend math fact fluency is completely engaging and appropriately challenging. 

Strengthen reasoning strategies for whole number addition and multiplication by helping monsters make a target sum or product. Earn points with each correct answer… but watch out for distractions! To be successful, plan ahead and strategically select numbers from the sushi counter. 

Meets Common Core State Standards
Extend fact knowledge to support strategic reasoning and computational flexibility in addition and multiplication.

- 7 addition levels
- 5 multiplication levels
- 4 rounds in each level
- 14 target numbers per round
- Replay each round with new numbers

Use speed and accuracy to place sushi pieces near the monster and make the target number. Make a correct equation to feed the monster. 

Earn points, stars, trophies, and personal bests to challenge yourself and unlock new levels.

Meet SuperKid, the neighborhood's spunky new hero, and follow along as he accomplishes daring feats. Fruits and veggies are his secret.

Published by Scholastic. 2014

Robot, Go Bot
Published by Random House